Veronika Tichá

Veronika Tichá is the first certified C.H.E.K holistic lifestyle coach to achieve the highest level 3 certification in the Czech Republic. She is a highly skilled personal trainer, movement coach, a Master Trainer of FLOWIN® and a certified TRX trainer.


Veronika has been working in her field for over 10 years. Her professional journey began in 2005 in Australia. Where her passion for holistic health, professional and personal development inspired her to study holistic lifestyle coaching, where she later traveled to England to complete her studies with the world renowned CHEK institute.


Veronika now works with a fully integrated holistic approach. Offering lifestyle coaching and functional movement which she complements with rehabilitation exercise stemming from developmental kinesiology.


She offers consulting in the areas of movement, nutrition and overall lifestyle.


She is a warm and compassionate coach who works alongside her clients to help direct them on their life journey. She assists them in improving their overall health, physical fitness, emotional and mental stability. Her individual approach and flair for holistic health enables her to focus on the areas of her client’s life that are out of balance, and works towards helping them achieve overall harmony in their life.


She teaches her clients that to have an understanding of body and mind is a lifelong commitment. As we learn more about who we are, we discover many secrets hiding inside us which are stopping us from achieving our full potential. Veronika teaches her clients how to recognize these subtle signals within the body, which help assist them in becoming the best version of themselves.


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