PRIMAL CODE | PRIMAL CODE – Holistic lifestyle, Movement & Sport
Primal code - Holistic, Lifestyle, Movement & Sport. Osobní trénink. Sportovní a kondiční příprava. Poradenství v oblasti stravy a celkového zdraví.
Holistic lifestyle, Movement & Sport
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Holistic lifestyle, Movement & Sport



About us

We are life partners, we are a team and we are two individuals. Each exploring the basis of movement and food in their own unique way and strives to find their place in everyday life.


Everything is connected and we slowly reveal the subtle threads that connect individual parts of our life: food, mental balance, movement.
We strive to break the code, the code in us, in the principles, in everything we do.


In our complex approach, we return to the essence of the natural movement, nutritional habits and original setting of our ancestors which we have lost and forgotten with our current lifestyle.


We reveal the pattern that symbolizes the primary combination of our personal code.


We were inspired to open our practice to give our clients the highest level of care in a relaxed and safe environment. We offer the highest standards of professional care in a place that allows us to take good care of you in peace and with the highest commitment to every aspect of our work with you.

Veronika Tichá

Holistic Lifestyle & Movement Coach

Marek Podmolík

Movement & Sport Coach