Marek Podmolík

Certified Nike instructor for the Czech republic, personal trainer, movement coach, instructor of group lessons


Marek began his studies at the Department of Physical Education of Ostrava University in 2008. In 2009 he started his sports trainer work as the assistant trainer of the FC BaníkOstrava team, within the U17 category. His chosen field was fitness preparation, basic gymnastic preparation, and compensation exercises.


He ended his work in the field of professional football in 2011 in order to get involved in personal training. He widened his horizons by learning  the finer details of working with the body, which was not available to him while training a large team. He has worked with various exercise forms, such as – TRX, Boss, Flowin, Crossfit. In 2013 he became one of a few certified Nike instructors for the Czech republic, which gave him the opportunity to improve his group coaching skills.


Marek has a broad range of experience and qualifications. Which also include years of experience in working with clients. He has a university backed education in the movement field and has a passion for his ongoing continued education, this is currently being developed in the area of developmental kinesiology.


Marek is passionate about helping you reach your goals: he has the ability to improve the fitness of sportsmen, while decreasing the risk of injury. For the beginner he will suggest ways how to effectively reach a desired level of fitness and reach personal goals. He will share with you his wealth of experience from performance oriented sport, combined with the subtle detailed work of personal training and the energy of group lessons.