Mirka Hamříková


financial coordinator


I spent a long time looking for the best trainer to suit my needs. When I found Veronika through her website, I was immediately drawn to her and impressed by her wealth of knowledge and experience.


From the first session with Veronika, I felt safe and confident in knowing I was receiving the best help for my individual needs. During this  session I realized just how many imbalances I had been carrying around within my body. Which were being experienced as postural imbalances and poor movement habits. Veronika showed me what negative impacts these imbalances have been having on my life and although I was totally unaware of such imbalance I could see the affect. Veronika helped bring these to light so I could make the necessary changes to improve my wellbeing.


I will continue to work with experts like Veronika who not only lead by example they also inspire others to make the necessary changes.


I have so much respect for Veronika as both a trainer and a person. She has such a unique approach to coaching her clients. I am very grateful that I found her and have had the opportunity to learn from her.


Veronika has not only become my trainer, but my life coach who never fails to get me back on track with my goals.


Thank you very much for doing your job the way you do. I have developed so much respect and admiration for the way you do things. Your approach is so different from anyone else which results in great client satisfaction.